• Check out this article in which Latta Kefir is rated, and written about on the Trend Monitor website.

    "Dairy Spotlight: Latta Russian Kefir Acidophilus-Live Probiotic Yogurt" ,
  • The Huffington Post wrote an article on Latta Kefir. The article explains in detail the desire of the general publics taste for fermented products like kefir.

    "Huffington Post" ,
  • Check out this article in which Access Hollywood names Latta Kefir as one of the hottest food trends of 2014:



    "Access Hollywood Names Latta Kefir Hottest Food Trend of 2014" Access Hollywood, Hottest Food Trends of 2014

    The Cornucopia Institute has placed Latta Kefir is in the top 10% of  brands made with the highest quality ingredients. The criteria was strict. To learn more about the process visit



    "Best Tasting Kefir" Cornucopia Institute, December 2014

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