Latta is a collection of artisanal dairy and non-dairy Kefir products now available nationwide. Made according to traditional Russian methods which are tried and true, all of Latta’s dairy products are free from additives or thickeners. Organic and natural grass-feed Kefir are available in bottles and cups (for drinking or eating with a spoon) and in a variety of flavors. Delicious Russian Kefir Farmer Cheese and Russian Kefir Butter are also available. Our new line of non-dairy organic Kefir beverages include Coconut and Green Tea varieties. All of our kefirs are rich in essential probiotics that help keep your body healthy and strong!


Latta Kefir has established itself as a renowned producer of kefir products, renowned for their commitment to traditional methods and continuous innovation. Their unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the industry. Latta Kefir’s approach involves selecting only the finest ingredients, employing rigorous production processes, and consistently refining their techniques to offer customers the most exceptional kefir products imaginable. With a focus on delivering rich flavors and creamy textures, Latta Kefir’s craftsmanship shines through in every sip. Customers can trust Latta Kefir to consistently surpass their expectations, providing them with a truly indulgent experience. Explore the world of Latta Kefir and discover the pleasure that awaits in their thoughtfully crafted kefir products.